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Multimedia Design

Sometimes companies secretly owe their success to the small details that can effectively engage customers and help promote the brand.


It’s about purposeful use of pictures, illustrations, interactions and layouts to sell ideas, products, and services.

My design process focuses on creating result oriented end products. I love diving right into the creative process and getting my hands dirty. My focus is on creating the purposeful designs for the projects I take on. For me, it’s not just about finishing the project at hand. It’s about figuring out how it fits into the bigger picture and this leads me to get involved with all other areas of a company from the internal corporate structure, advertising pieces, to the marketing.

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Charts and Diagrams Design

  • Custom Icons Design

  • Infographics Design

  • White Paper Design

  • Annual Report Design

  • Catalogs and Brochures Design

  • Flyer Design

  • Postcards and Direct Mail

  • iPad Publishing

  • Multimedia Design

  • Packaging Design

It is not just about style but creating the right tool for your needs.

From video and interactive training courses, to 3D animations, iBooks and mobile apps.
Don’t be shy and let me know what your project is about and I can help you in all the steps of the process.