Frequent Asked Questions 2017-01-03T21:12:36+00:00

Frequent Asked Questions

Do you work remotely? What’s your mobility? 2017-01-03T22:37:11+00:00

I do indeed work remotely and I am used to it. I am a father and husband and we are based in Dublin (Ireland), but I am open for worldwide projects where I can work remotely with periodic visits or onsite for short-time periods. If you are not based in Ireland, do not discard me just yet, let’s talk and surely we can get into an agreement. I love travelling and visiting clients around the world is the perfect excuse to get out there, meet new people, learn new cultures and discover new places.

How much does a website cost? 2017-01-03T22:25:31+00:00

It all depends on what are you looking for. It’s not the same if you are just looking for a standardized small business page or a highly customized database driven website mobile-ready application with a top notch design. Don’t be shy and let’s discuss it. I am known for charging fair and reasonably prices. Let me know your project and we can start from there.

Do you have a computer science degree? What’s your experience? 2017-01-03T22:14:30+00:00

No. I am a self-taught individual. Everything I know I have learned by experimentation, research, incessantly asking a lot of questions and spending incalculable amount of extra hours.

I started programming in the late 1980s, at age 12 with Basic and Cobol, then I got hands on the very first versions of Microsoft Excel and started playing with macros.

At age 16 got my first office job and I met a guy 10 years older than me that was managing the ERP of the company with MsAccess, I asked him to teach me but he told me that what he was doing was way to difficult for me. In 6 months I got his job. He quit and I showed the CEO I could do his job faster than him and that I could also create the first intranet of the company (I learned ASP just to show him that).

After that I got introduced into ERP systems and learned Navision. During the years I moved from company to company always looking to improve and gain more knowledge. Started developing database driven websites to work in conjunction to the ERP systems the companies I worked for where installing. That led people to start asking me to build their or their colleagues websites in my spare time.

In 2004, I decided to explore new horizons and moved to Ireland. There, thanks to my knowledge of Navision and experience managing backend systems, I landed a job in Microsoft as an Operations Analyst. Firstly as a contractor, then as employee. During those almost 5 years I focused on problem management, technical support and Navision and XAL backend systems working between Dublin and Copenhagen.

Then I moved back to Spain to start anew with my new wife. I was at ground zero with web development after such a lapse. I learned first Joomla then WordPress, PHP and mySQL and started getting web design clients. A friend of mine told me about mobile development and the day after I bought a Macbook and started learning Objective C but got a client that wanted a database driven offline mobile app for iOS and Android. So I learned Lua and Corona SDK to create the cross-platform native mobile app he wanted. Got a couple more mobile app projects after that. Alternated the websites and apps with business bespoke development projects for a couple of companies with MS Access and Visual FoxPro 6. For this last project, the client could not find any developer as the software had been discontinued by Microsoft, I told him I could do it anyway. I learned it for that particular 2 year project and developed the warehousing product the client wanted.

Five years passed and after having our first daughter my wife and I decided we missed Ireland and moved back to Dublin. I got a job again as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer while I kept my website clients from Spain. During the last 2 years, combined with NAV development I learned C# and ASP.NET and built customized windows services and a couple of corporate database driven websites. Both connecting to Dynamics NAV with Web Services.

What is your business? 2017-01-03T21:34:18+00:00

I am a freelance full stack developer based in the Ireland, but my work has taken me around the world (Denmark, Ireland, Italy, UK, USA and Spain). The majority of my work is based on bespoke business development working as a development contractor for various companies. I also get commissioned for web design, small mobile app development, corporate design, photography and video projects.

Who/what inspires you? 2017-01-03T21:16:13+00:00

I am greatly inspired by all sorts of things. From travel and exploration of a new area, to seeing the successes (big or small) of those closest to me, to individuals who stand out by their honest and exemplary principles. I find busy cities to be incredibly inspiring and energizing for me and my work, along with those who are brave to embrace change and those who can make do in spite of challenging limitations.

Do you create only WordPress websites? 2017-01-03T21:02:28+00:00

No. Every project is different. Although WordPress works and can be adapt to fit many many scenarios, I am an experienced developer and I can also create complex database driven websites from ground zero. Let me know what you have in mind and I can surely help you build it.

Do you work with any Content Management System? 2017-01-03T21:08:05+00:00

Yes. I usually work and have preference to work with WordPress, but I have also built websites and have experience with Joomla. I have also some knowledge on Magento and Drupal.